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K-12 Enrollment for the 2024 - 2025 School Year
Now Open

A STEAM Academy

Science | Technology | Engineering | Arts | Math


Hoke County, North Carolina

Sciences & Technology

Our STEAM program teaches students that art is science. Students engage in science projects, agriculture, coding, digital design, app creations, media editing, and much more. 

The Arts

Our students participate in a wide variety of arts activities from Visual and Digital Art to Dance, Music, and Drama. Each student has the opportunity to express themselves academically and creatively.


A unique academic experience

Education is experience.

Everyone learns differently and at Carr Preparatory Academy, because of our small classes, year-round learning, and one-on-one lessons, our students and teachers can create a learning environment that benefits everyone.


Small class sizes

This is the future of education. With smaller class sizes our teachers are able to give the students the attention they need and catch them before they fall. They also benefit by having a healthy, less stressful work experience. You should love what you do in life, and 



Year-round education

Year-round school has been proven to offer better academic retention when students are able to take short breaks vs long summer breaks.



Every week, each student schedules 30 mins - 1 hour of one-on-one with their teacher.



Carr Prep Crows


To educate America’s future leaders in a digital and global world, through a holistic learning environment that encompasses the whole child. We strive to exceed the national standards and ensure our students develop a love for learning built on the fundamental foundations of education and promote citizenship in our community. 


We re-envision education as a place where the student's interests are nurtured and where our future leaders are reshaping the world, unifying cultures, and expanding experiences.


Academic Leadership – We will work smart daily to achieve our academic goals by putting forth our highest efforts.

Responsibility & Respect for Self – We have a responsibility to represent ourselves and our families with the best manners while walking upright.

Citizenship – We have a responsibility to our community to be good citizens by participating in outreach efforts and speaking up for what is right for all.

Respect for Others – We have a responsibility to our peers, our teachers, our parents, our community leaders, and those in authority to show the same respect we expect to receive.

Honor System, Integrity, and Personal Best – We have a responsibility to be truthful, to do everything with integrity, and to do our personal best every day.

Global Leadership – We have a responsibility to be the leaders in the way we show respect for cultural diversity and in our commitment to care for our earth.

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