Each Endeavoring. All Achieving.

The Admission Process

2022-2023 Registration Open. Some grades have a waitlist.

We are currently accepting applications for K-8.

Space is limited for this unique academic experience. 

Contact Admissions for an application 910-479-1167

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Why Choose Us


Our Arts and Science program offers many hands on projects. Students interact daily in art and technological activities. Every day they get closer to their 10,000th hour.

Tuition Assistance

We have tuition and scholarship opportunities available. Call to learn more or click here to apply.


Year-Round Learning

Students have better retention when they take short breaks throughout the school year vs lengthy summer breaks.

Experienced Educators

Our teachers have combined experiences of over 20 years of teaching, coaching, counseling, and nurturing children.

Our Clubs & Activities

Visual & Performing Arts

Digital Art, Drafting, Painting, Crafts, Dance, Drama, Music

Track & Field

Our students participate in the S&C Sports and Development, Inc youth athletic club and compete in local, state, national, and international events in outdoor and indoor track & field and cross country.

STEAM | Science Olympiad

We are a SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, ARTS, and MATH academy. Our students are currently learning coding programs and computer science.

Literacy Club and Foreign Language & Culture

Readers Book Club, Battle of the Books, Spelling Bees, Writers Club

Learn Spanish, Japanese, or Korean