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Preschool STEAM Program

A Unique Preschool Opportunity

At Carr Preparatory Academy we embrace the academic intellects of both left and right brained individuals. Hence our STEAM education which teaches Science, Technology, Engineering, The Arts, and Math. We believe in embracing each child's individual contribution to the world at the earliest stages of education.

We are proud to now offer this unique preschool program.

Our two part preschool program offers STEM and The Arts. Our preschool students participate in age-appropriate educational activities in STEM for half a day then move to The Arts program for half their day.

Our Purpose

The purpose of this unique preschool program is to help our children identify their interests and  guide their early education path. STEM activities at Carr Preparatory Academy stimulates the left brain and children will develop more analytical skills. Arts activities are geared toward stimulating the right brain and develops a child's creative side.

Who Can Enroll?

Four year olds who are ready for Pre-Kindergarten.

Proof of birth, health screening, and immunization records are required at enrollment.

Registration fee $150

Enroll Now


Classroom A (STEM)

Sample Activities:

Water & Motion

Plants in our Environment

How Wheels Turn

Coding for Kinder-Kids

Classroom B (Arts)

Sample Activities:

Dramatic Play


Sounds of Instruments

Lemonade & Paint

We're excited to offer this opportunity to you.

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